St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis Parent Volunteer Organization

Our Parent Volunteer Organization (PVO) is the backbone of our success. Without the support of this group, we would not be able to participate in the many and varied programs that our students deserve and that make St. Francis School so unique and valuable.

The Purpose of PVO

The purpose of the PVO is to provide a framework that enables parents to support and share in the intellectual and spiritual education of the children at Saint Francis of Assisi.


Within the PVO are several committees. Please take a look at some of them, and learn about the important role they serDad with son on backve in our day to day activities. We need the support of all of our parents, and we invite you to give of your time, talent, and treasure as you are able.

Special Projects
Handle Box Tops and Campbell’s soup labels and implement other programs to benefit or fund educational projects for the school.

Resource Committee
Provide volunteer names for school projects and communicate needs to class liaisons as they arise.

Catholic Identity
Provide opportunities for children and parents to know and live out their Catholic faith.

Gift Card Committee
Coordinate the SCRIP gift card program and work with Parish to coordinate the Kroger Card program.

Health & Safety
Responsible for annual health screenings of students and assist with immunization certificates.

Newcomer Committee
Establish a network to pair new families with existing families and to provide information, support, and friendship to these families.

Programs Committee
Plan and coordinate programs of interest to the SFA community.

Coordinate skate parties and student appreciation.

Teacher Appreciation
Organize ways of showing appreciation to teachers and staff during Catholic Schools Week and Teacher and Parish Appreciation Day and coordinate monthly teacher luncheons with class liaisons.
Spring Fundraising
Find volunteers to plan and coordinate the fundraising efforts for a special school project each spring.

Enrichment Program Coordinator
Recruit talent and schedule after-school programs for child enrichment.

Father/Daughter Dance
Plan and coordinate a dance in the fall, every other year.

Mother/Son Activity
Plan and coordinate a mother/son activity every other year.