St. Francis of Assisi
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St. Francis Enrichment Programs

The primary mission of our school is to develop a Christian person. To this end, we provide many opportunities for students to take moral action and develop good character. Please read about some of our amazing programs below, and discover why students and parents love St. Francis School.


“For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.” – excerpt from The Prayer of St. Francis

The HeartPaths Program provides students at St. Francis of Assisi opportunities to explore and develop their identities as individuals who place great value in being of service to others. Mentors guide students into awareness that our faith holds service to others to be a sacred, life-affirming, and life-giving responsibility.

As they explore their own potential for caring and compassion, HeartPaths students witness the power they each have to be agents of a positive change in both their local and their global communities. Students ultimately gain insight into service, which allows them to begin both a comprehension of the solidarity they share with all who are vulnerable and an appreciation for the great potential that their own acts of caring and compassion have for the furthering of their personal spiritual development.

K-5 After School Enrichment

SFA offers K-5 students two after-school enrichment classes per year (fall and winter). Though most of these classes are free of charge, some do require a small materials fee. These classes are staffed by parents or parishioners, and in the past, we have been able to offer:

  • Baking
  • Pet care
  • Clay/Pottery
  • Visual/Spatial games and puzzles
  • Girls book club
  • Ballet
  • Spiritual dance
  • French
  • Ping pong
  • Legos
  • Pokemon
  • Creativity

Other Enrichment Activities

Student athlete proclaims victoryScouts

Parents of both boys and girls have organized scout troops, which usually meet in the St. Francis Center after school during the school year.


St. Francis "Cougars" participate in volleyball, contact football, cross country and track, soccer, basketball, swimming, tennis, field hockey, and golf. Our Catholic School Athletic Association (CSAA) sponsors our 14 team and individual sports throughout the course of the school year. Our program is currently coordinated and funded by the Booster Club, which means that our students participate at no cost to their families, and parents, teachers, or parish volunteers are the coaches!


Many of our students choose to participate in the liturgy as a server/lector/choir member. It is an honor available to boys and girls beginning in the fifth grade. We appreciate parental cooperation in this enterprise, as it is essential to our students’ success.