St. Francis of Assisi

Our History

St. Francis of Assisi School was established in 1886 in order to serve German Catholic farm children. Students and teachers alike spoke the German language until 1917.

Our current school building was dedicated in 1926. It originally housed a residence for the Ursuline nuns, a temporary church, and the school. In 1952 the current church building was dedicated, and the temporary church became a gymnasium for the school children.

Our Catholic Identity

St. Francis of Assisi is a faith community with a long tradition of Gospel-oriented religious education. The original church and school were established simultaneously, and students today take an active part in parish life, participating in church liturgies and programs and in community outreach service projects. All of our students participate fully in the religious program of the school.

Nine Values

Smiling students with heads in circleThe behavior goals of our students and staff reflect growth in nine relational values: Trust, respect, responsibility, self-control, justice and fairness, equality, fidelity, promise-keeping, and honesty.

All discipline dialogue regarding the behavior of our students promotes this goal. The values, by design, are integral to the life of the school. The philosophy of the program is embedded in the concept of caring: caring for ideas, ourselves, others (intimate and distant), the natural world, and the human-made world.