St. Francis of Assisi
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Our school is a vital part of our overall parish mission. We thank everyone for your continued and generous support through your gifts of time, talent, and treasure, which makes possible this ministry of passing on our faith and values to the youngest members of our community.

Please consider an online payment to help us in our efforts.

Support St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School

We recognize the tremendous support we receive from our administration, teachers, and parish and community members, which allows us to maintain our exceptional academic programs.

We Ask Parishioners Who Have Children in Our School

We ask for the following from all parishioners with children in the school:

  • Your prayers, time, and talent: In order for the parish to fulfill its mission as a Christian community, we ask your faithful participation in Sunday Liturgy as well as participation in parish ministries.
  • Your treasure: In order for the parish to continue its mission of education through the school, it is important that you make a gift of treasure beyond the tuition expense. Your tithing commitment is crucial to our ongoing success as a parish.

We Ask Parishioners Who Do Not have Children in Our School

We ask for the following from all parishioners without children in the school:

  • Your prayers for parents, children, and teachers who continue to strive to make “Christ the reason for our school, the unseen but ever-present teacher”
  • Your time and talents, as you are able, to support the mission of the school
  • Your treasure, as you are able, to offer it through your tithing commitments

Consider Making an Investment

We invite all parishioners, with or without children at St. Francis of Assisi School, to consider making an investment of $410 to defray the additional cost for educating our students beyond what tuition covers. This $410 donation would be added to any tax deductible stewardship you make to St. Francis of Assisi and can also be included as you budget for tithing to the Parish.

Kroger Re-Chargeable Card

Please support the technology needs of our community by using the Kroger Re-Chargeable card. Simply invest in the Kroger card, and use it when you do your regular grocery shopping. St. Francis gets to keep a percentage of your purchased card. You lose nothing, and St. Francis School gains a lot!

A Community Endeavor

As a community, we provide financial support to our school families through our parish budget/weekly collections, making Catholic education available to those across all income levels. This support amounts to approximately $410 per child and totals $100,000 annually.